Choosing The Best Pop Up Tent in 2020

If you’re looking for the best pop-up tent in 2020 – you’re on the right website! You can find all the information you need to choose the right tent for you and your budget.

Which is The Best Tent For You?

With all the different kinds of Pop up tents available today. How do you decide on which one is the best for you?

First off, ask yourself which kind of activity you are purchasing your Pop up Tent for? How often is it going to be used and where are you planning on using it? Other considerations are how many people will it need to accommodate at one time?

The process of deciding which Pop up Tent is most suitable for you, your family, or your intended needs can be overwhelming. We’re here to help! Let’s take a look at the different kinds of Pop up Tents and what their benefits are.

The Traditional Camping Pop up Tent

Do you have an overnight camping trip coming up? Do you want to rough it the old fashion way but are worried about the hassles of setting up a conventional tent? Want to avoid the high priced costs of cabins and rentals? Then the modern, traditional Pop up Tent is just what you are looking for!

The camping Pop up Tent is made to make your camping trip easier  and more enjoyable. At the same time it will still give you the “roughing it” feeling of an outdoor experience!

Camping Tent Sizes

There are many different manufacturers of these tents and they come in many sizes. First, decide how many people will be sleeping inside the tent. Also, will they be sleeping on? If you plan on using cots or air mattresses, you will need a tent with a larger surface area per person.

If you plan on sleeping on the ground in sleeping bags, you can choose a smaller sized tent. When the description states that it sleeps four people, this means four people on the ground in sleeping bags, without too much space around them for gear and such.

Are you going to store any gear inside the tent? What about pets? Pets require a sleeping area too! These are all things to consider when choosing the size you need.

Also, you might want to consider set up. Yes, these tents do just “pop up”, but it’s still easier to erect larger pop up tents with some help!

My Personal Choice

Personally, for myself, my daughter, and our two canine companions, we chose a Coleman eight-man Pop up Tent.

My daughter and I each sleep on a single cot.  The dogs have their own sleeping bags on the tent floor. There is still plenty of space for some of our gear. We can also fit a chair or two inside also.

With a larger sized tent, there is space to stand upright.  It also offers larger openings such as windows and doors. Some of the larger tents have divides to separate rooms.  Some have a porch like area to take off shoes and store gear away from your sleeping area.

If you want a tent just for sleeping, there are many nice sized one-man, two-man, and four-man tents available.

This website can show you all the different varieties and sizes available, so think of your needs and desires, and go from there when choosing the right size tent for yourself and, or your family.

Pop up Canopy Tents / Gazebos

There are also many different types of Pop up Canopy tents available for purchase!

These kind of tents are used for an outdoor day shelter more or less. Place one over your picnic table or food cooking area to provide a nice place to relax, eat, or cookout during the day. Perfect for when you have guests over and can’t be sure the weather will hold up.

Vendors also use these type of tents to cover their wares. Some of these tents are screened-in tents to help keep the pesky bugs out. Some also come with side walls which can be rolled up or put down depending on your needs.

Canopy Pop up tents can be used along with another tent as a source of shade and shelter from the wind or rain. They are constructed of four poles mostly which extend to raise the canopy roof.

Pop Up Beach Tents

If you are looking for a small shelter for your baby, children, or even yourself while enjoying an outdoor activity such as a day at the beach, Pop Up Beach Tents are perfect for you!

They fold up and down in a matter of seconds and they are much more sturdy than a beach umbrella! They are extremely light-weight and come with carrying straps for easy transportation.

You and your children can be safe from the sun, wind, and sand while enjoying your outdoor beach or picnic excursions.

Pop Up Awning Tents

Awning Tents are great if you’re stopping for lunch on a road trip and want to admire the view. They also provide a nice shaded area when camping and more space to enjoy the day.  Many are retractable and come with adjustable telescopic legs to better fit your car, truck or SUV.

The latest pop up awning tents are good to go in about 30 seconds flat. They’re incredibly easy to install as they latch on to roof racks or roof bars.

Kids Pop up Play Tents

Oh yes, there are many types of children’s play Pop up Tents available on the market today! They are smaller, kid sized Pop up Tents that come in a variety of fantasy styles such as mini castles, cars, and play houses.

They fold out from a flat form into a standing tent in a matter of seconds! Easy to store, these sturdy, tough constructed Pop up Tents offer hours of fun for the active child. They can be used indoors and outdoors and are extremely light weight.

Consider giving one to your favorite child as a gift or fun play time activity! Your child will love you for it and you will enjoy all the hours of play your child will get from it!

Pop Up Tents For Pets

There are many pop-up tents for pets on the market today, so your family dog or cat can join in the camping adventure.

These kinds of tents are perfect if you’d prefer your pet to have their own assigned sleeping area. They’re pretty secure and help keep your trusted friend protected from the bugs and elements. It sure beats tying them up to a post. Also, you can rest easy knowing the food and water you have left out for them is protected.

A pop-up dog tent is particularly handy when you’re first setting up camp. It stops them getting in the way or running off whilst your getting everything ready.

Naturally, the first few question you need to ask yourself are what do you plan on doing with it, and with how many people?

How To Buy Your Perfect Tent

So let’s start with what you really need in a Pop up Tent! The most important factor here is how many people are going to be using it? What are they going to be using it for? Just sleeping? What if it rains a lot during your trip?

You also need to consider how long you will be using the tent and what kinds of equipment you will be using or storing inside the tent. Do you have pets that will be joining you on your camping trips? What about babies or smaller children that may require more space?

Pop Up Tent Size

A must consideration to partake in and to realize is that when a tent says that it is a two-person tent, a four-person tent, or an eight-person tent, that it is referring to the number of people that can fit inside, sleeping on the ground, in sleeping bags.

Let’s say you have air mattresses or cots. You must factor in the space that these items will need plus any additional space that might be needed for maneuverability, gear, or for pets. After all, comfort is an extremely important consideration for happy tenting!

Wants to Consider

From experience, it is always nice to have a larger sized tent than what you actually might need! Extra space is always appealing because along with the regular two or three people along on our trips, we do have two canine companions that usually join us.

Plus, we usually use air mattresses or cots and the dogs sleep on blankets on the floor. I prefer to have extra space to store some of my gear such as clothes, belongings, a fan, a radio, and sometimes we include a chair or two to sit on too!

Keeping The Kids Happy!

My daughter brings a small table to place her computer on when we go places with electricity. If you or your kids are going to bring devices, it might be a good idea to consider them into the fold also, so they aren’t just laying around. Having extra space to walk around or to get dressed is nice to have also!

For two or three of us, plus our dogs, we actually chose an eight-person Pop up Tent. The size is fourteen feet by ten feet and the height is six and half feet tall. This extra space gives us plenty of room to set up our bedding and belongings just how we want them.

The 8-person tent gives us some extra space in case we all have to be inside at the same time for purposes other than sleeping, like if it’s a rainy day or something of that nature. And, it offers plenty of height for entering, exiting, and for standing and walking room while inside of the tent.

Extras to consider

What about extra windows or ventilation? What about a porch with an attached canopy or a tent with a divider that drops down to make two rooms? These options can be great ideas if they are something that you or your family might enjoy.

Some tents offer an outer screened in room for enjoying the outdoors, with an inner closed off room for sleeping. There are many different shapes and styles of Pop up Tents available for each size, with each offering many different types of options.

Consider, Consider, Consider!

You may want to check out all of this information and really consider which tent will benefit you and your family the most? Which tent will suit all of your needs plus make your trip that much more enjoyable?

Doing this will ensure that you have all the space and options you and your family will need, and want, in your new Pop up Tent. You and your family will be happier in the long run, you will have plenty of space, and everyone can really enjoy partaking in their tenting experiences!