Pop Up Tents For Kids

When I was a kid, my mother put a sheet over a few chairs and my sisters and I got underneath. We loved it, and the large market for all manner of kids play tents, tunnels and even toddler tents it seems we were not alone!

Having a tent in your living room is a great way for kids to play and introduce them to the wonders of camping. Play tents also make really good kids activities for rainy days.

The fact that they “pop up” means they’re ready in seconds and can be put away really quickly too.

Some of the better kids tents can be used both inside and outside so you can get a lot of use out of them. You’ll also find pop up sunshades and “real” camping tents especially for children, too.

Let’s take a look at the different types of kids pop up tents:

Backyard Camping Tents

All kids love having their own “private” space, and camping out in the backyard is a great way to prepare them for “real” camping.

There’s some quality backyard campers on the market that are surprisingly roomy.

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, they can also be put into service as play tents, too.

Play Castles

Pop Up Play Castles are really popular with kids and they come in all shapes, sizes and themes. From girl-power pink to a knights castle, you’ll certainly be able to find one to capture their imagination.

They’re also pretty useful for schoolwork too. Castles of some shape or form appear in a lot of nursery rhymes, movies and TV shows. They’re something we never grow out of!

Play Houses

Now these are really great. Whether you think your kid would be at home in a pop up cabana (complete with curtains), a space module or an enchanted forest you’ll certainly find something that they’ll like.

Vehicle Tents

“Vehicles” is one of my toddlers favorite words. He loves police cars, fire engines and buses. The people who make kids tents have done their research as you can buy all these and more.

I really like the idea of a school bus tent as you can invite your friends over and play or sing “The Wheels On The Bus” together.

Tents With Balls

This is another type of tent that younger kids love. I actually have one about 6-feet away from me. It’s a relatively small one for inside the house. The only problem with it is the balls get everywhere and reappear under feet when you least expect it!

Soon, I’ll be in the market for a larger one to put in the backyard. Having some kind of system where the balls stay inside the tent will be a key consideration! Looking at the ones currently available, I think I’d buy a ball pit tent if I was buying for a toddler again.

3 Piece Play House Tents

I like the idea behind these tents and it’s something you’ll see outside on many playgrounds too. Basically there’s two open spaces and a long tunnel connecting them.

They’re really good for promoting crawling for younger babies and to keep the older ones moving.

UV Sun Shade Tents

It’s great for kids to be outside for as long as possible. A UV sun shade really helps with this as they provide UV protection of up to 50+! They’re also waterproof so you can use them at the park if you’re worried about either the sun or raining ruining the day.

The latest sun shade tents “pop up” in seconds and come with a carry bag to make things more convenient. That’s exactly what you want when children are involved!