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Pop Up Tents for Pets

It’s amazing how many different kinds of pop up pet tents there are available!

Whether you want to give your inside pet a taste of outside life, or want your dog to carry his own tent while backpacking, or better protect one of your senior cats, there’s a tent for you and your pet.

Usually, the pet tent market is targeted towards dogs. Manufacturers have began to realize that our feline companions also need accommodating. Or else!

(Ignore us at your peril!)

Let’s take a look of some of the best kinds of pop up pet tents on the market today.

Pop Up Dog Tents

Some dogs love going camping and are as good as gold. Others, well…lets just say they’re less-than-thrilled with the change of environment!

Let’s be honest, pop up dogs tents whilst great in design and concept won’t be great for every owner and their dog.

They are ideal for smaller dogs and crate-trained dogs. Some dogs want to remain outside at any cost and will destroy any tent blocking their path to freedom!

Having said that, they’re some tough, well-made models on the market that have some great reviews, like the one pictured above.

If a dog tent is suitable for your little bundle of fur, they can offer quite a few benefits:

Protection From The Sun, Wind & Bugs

If you have a smaller dog that you like to take to the park or beach, a dog tent is great for protecting them from the elements. They can enjoy being outside with a bit more comfort.

Great For Backpackers

Backpacking tents are on the small size and dogs make things very cramped. A small, pop-up tent that dogs can carry themselves has real appeal for backpackers.

Keep Them Out Of The Way

When you’re first setting up camp, you don’t really want to keep chasing after your fluffy friend every few minutes. A dog tent with some water and their favorite blanket keeps them contained and you focused on the job at hand.

Protect Your Main Tent

If you’re camping with inflatable mattresses, the last thing you need is dog paws all over them.

Putting a dog tent inside your main tent will help protect your mattresses and also prevent dog hair getting on them, too (good if they are loaners!).

Your canine companion will also have their own dedicated space, but still be close to you when you sleep.

Protect Your Car

Some of the best dog tents fit right in the back of most SUVs. This means you don’t need to worry about them moving around whilst your driving and protects your seats and upholstery from dog hair.

Great For Dog Trials

If you’re staying overnight at a hotel, or waiting for your turn at a dog trial, pop up tents are great. Easy to set up and provide a rest without getting distracted by other dogs.

Great For Overnight Trips

If you’re staying overnight in a hotel or a friends place, a dog tent can prevent you losing your security deposit or friendship!

Good For Inside The Home

We all have that one friend or family member who “Can’t stand dogs” :(. Or perhaps visitors with toddlers who just love to pull on tails and whiskers.

Rather than shut your little guy away in a separate room you can use a dog tent. This way they can still see and hear what’s going on and you can be closer to them, too.

Pop Up Cat Tents

Naturally, a lot of the dog tents on the market can also double as a cat tent.

Bear in mind (no pun intended!), it’s even more of a bad idea to leave a cat in a tent unsupervised when camping. Not only will they try and scratch, claw and bite their way to freedom but they could potentially attract predators if your out in the back and beyond.

Cat tents have still proven to be a much loved product, particularly in the way they let indoor cats and elderly cats enjoy the outdoors.

Here are a few advantages of cat tents

Great For Indoor Cats

Every pet owner worries that they’re providing enough mental stimulation for their cat. A cat tent allows you to take your cat outside without the need for a cat leash or harness. Which really are as much fun as herding cats!

Protect Senior / Invalid Cats

If you’re cat is getting on in years or recovering from surgery, you’ll want to protect it from other cats and dogs.

You can set up a cat tent on your property and your elder statesmen can still enjoy the outside world. Alternatively, they’re great for indoors if you have other cats, too.

Great For Balconies & Front Porches

If you live in an apartment or condo, it’s hard to give your cat some fresh air. If you set a cat tent up on the balcony you can rest easier that they won’t want to jump over the railings!

Many owners of cat tents set them up on their front porch or deck. It gives them the chance to sit outside and enjoy the weather with their four-legged friends.

Prevent Cats Jumping Fences

Cat tents are useful if you’re worried your indoor cats will jump over the fence when outside. They can really set your mind at ease if you live on a busy street or near a highway.

Good For Territorial Cats

Cats are territorial and if you’re sharing your home with cats, thing can get complicated. You may have noticed some urine spraying to mark their own territory. Sometimes, when this happens it’s hard to remove a cat from a certain room or closet.

A cat tent can help in this situation as it provides an enclosed space for them. Much better than having to go to the spare-room every time you want to see your favorite fur ball!

Pop Up Dog Crates

Pop-up dog crates are gaining a lot of new admirers over the last few years. They’re ideal if you’re going on a long road trip in a RV or a car.

They pop-up in a few seconds flat so are also great for shorter trips such as taking your dog to the park, the vet or even staying overnight in a hotel.

You’ll see a lot of soft dog crates at dog shows, too.

Of course, a soft sided dog crate is not going to work for all dogs. If you’re dog is a chewer, or not “crate happy”, a metal crate will probably be a better choice.

Still, these kinds of dog carriers offer quite a few advantages over conventional hard plastic or metal crates.

They’re Perfect For Puppies

It’s great to keep puppies together when they’re young. It’s not so great to squat down and reach to the back of the dog crate to catch them!

Fortunately, they’re some great new designs of soft-sided crates which have openings at the top. This makes getting puppies in and out so much easier!

They make dogs feel less enclosed

Some dogs will just refuse to get in (or out of in some cases!) a hard crate. Some of the better pop up dog crates have sides and tops that can be zipped down. This helps them feel less trapped and more comfortable.

They’re lighter

Carrying a heavy dog crate (sometimes with a loud and unruly passenger) up and down stairs, into hotels and the vets is no fun. As is trying to get the crate safely situated in the back of the car. If you’re like me, you’ll really appreciate the lighter weight of these crates.

They Save Space

It’s really easy to fold soft covered crates down and store them under beds or in the trunk for future use. With a big and bulky hard crate, you don’t have this luxury.

They Have Rounded Edges

I’ve found that metal crates really dig into the back seats, making getting them out of the car more difficult. Well, without damaging anything (and I include myself there!) at any rate.

You’ll find many soft-covered crates have rounded edges which makes getting them in and out of the car much easier. Also, we have a toddler, so round edges are much better for him, too.

Pop Up Pet Playpens

If you have a puppy or a smaller dog such as a chi’s, cresteds, pappillons, schnauzer and many shelties, then a pop up playpen is ideal. For dogs bigger than this – not so much!

These kinds of playpens are not just for dogs. Many people also use them for cats, but even owners of rabbits, hamsters and birds happily use them.

Let’s take a look at why people buy them:

Take Indoor Pets Outdoors

Pop up playpens are great if you want to give your pet a slice of outdoor life but still keep them reasonably contained. They can also provide a nice shady spot in the summer.

Great For Indoors

If you have a pet that is getting on in years, or maybe a cat you want to separate, playpens make great protective areas.

They can also be used for when your introducing a new pet into your home.

Easy To Move Room To Room

Everybody wants to be close to their pets and hate locking them away. A pop up playpen are easy to set -up and take down so you can easily move it from room to room or even outside.

Visiting Friends & Family

If you’re visiting family or friends who might not want your pet to have free run of the backyard, a pop up playpen earns its money.

They’re also ideal if you’re staying in hotels or other short-term rental accomodation. The playpens set up in seconds and will prevent your pets causing damages or getting hair everywhere.

An Alternative To Dog Crates

Playpens are a nice alternative to a crate if you want to give your furry friend more space.

Some dog owners find out it’s cheaper to buy one playpen than two crates and put their dogs together. That is if the dogs are amiable of course!

Tips for Pet Playpens

If you’re buying a soft playpen you’ll naturally be worried your dog will either dig, claw or paw it’s way out!

  • No Velcro!

    When buying a pet playpen, look for ones with a bottom that zips on and off and not velcro. This is far too easy for your little furry friend to escape!
  • Close Zippers Up High

When closing zippers, ensure they they close at the top and not at the bottom where your pet can nose them open and get out.

  • Unfold Slowly At First

Pay special attention when unfolding the tent for the first time. A lot of people have problems folding pop up playpens back up and complain!

  • Plenty Of Chews & Toys

Be sure to put some toys and chews in there, to stop your pet from chewing the fabric and zippers. Some pet owners prefer to use a bitter spray on these parts and that may work for you, too.