Pop Up Beach Tent

The Benefits Of Pop Up Beach Tents

Have you been to the beach recently and noticed these small tents dotting the sand? They are becoming more and more popular these days and you will definitely see more of them with each new beach season.

There are quite a few good reasons why pop up beach tents are becoming more and more popular.

Why Do I Need A Beach Tent?

That’s a good question! I wondered that myself one day while I was watching a family that was using one.

First I thought, well that’s just too much! Who needs a tent on the beach? Nobody wants to deal with the setup, or carrying one around! Then, a bit later on this windy afternoon, a big gust suddenly uprooted my beach umbrella and blew it away!

I scrambled to get it, and was so frustrated! Not to speak of the embarrassment I felt while chasing it down!

Finally, I caught it, brought it back, and had to dig a deeper hole! The awkward, unbalanced, beach umbrella did not want to cooperate! I put all of my belongings around the pole to keep it upright, and hoped for the best! Wow! It was just too much!!

This is when I looked over again at the family, and realized why these tents might be beneficial. They didn’t have a huge, awkward, umbrella that wouldn’t stand up in the sand or one that wanted to fly away in the wind.

They had a nice, light blue, small tent that served the same general purposes as my over-sized umbrella!After thinking about it, I realized that this kind of tent could be good for me after all!

Advantages Of A Pop Up Beach Tent Over An Umbrella

I often asked myself why I lug this big umbrella around with me? Shade for your stuff!

The first and most common purpose of the beach umbrella is to create some sort of shade. It can be so hot on the beach, out on the open sand. I don’t know about you, but I always pack a cooler with cold drinks and ice; sandwiches in case of a long day. It is imperative to keep your cooler in the shade. It’s also a good place to keep your phone or any other electronics you might bring along.

Always In The Shade

Pop up tents for the beach provide constant shade for you, your family, your belongings and your pets!  Also, you don’t have to move the tent around like you would have to with your old beach umbrella. The interior is always out of the sun!

Shade is imperative for babies, children, and pets! I know for sure that my young daughter can only take so much sun, then she is looking for some shade! If your taking pers, a source of shade for them is a must too!

A beach tent is perfect for keeping your loved ones out of the heat and away from the scorching sun! The best beach tents come with UPF rating of ~50, so they really can protect your skin.

Get Out Of The Wind

A windy day on the beach can quickly ruin all your fun. Things start blowing away (including your umbrella) and sand gets blown into your face, your food and stops from enjoying your novel. Beach Tents offer a great space to use for a wind shelter.

Will my tent blow away you ask? Well, most of us bring something to the beach with us. By just putting your belongings around the insides of the tent, it will help keep the tent stable. Most beach tents do come with stakes and tie downs, but this is not always practical on the beach. This will depend on the consistency of the sand and the wind however.

I don’t know about you, but are you not tired of fighting with your beach umbrella? Moving it here and there throughout the day in order to counter the sun’s hot rays? Trying to keep it stable from its weight and the wind, in the fine sand? Chasing it when the wind blows it across the beach? If so, then the solution for you is a Pop up Beach Tent!

Increased Privacy

Changing into swimming suits and trunks is always a problem at the beach. More so if you’ve got a couple of kids who are impatient to either get into the water or out of the wet clothes. A beach tent gives you some great privacy so your family can change clothes and towel off without worry.

Some of the best pop up tents like this one have sides that can zip-up for more privacy, or can roll out to make a floor.

Easy Transport & Set Up

Ease-of-transport and set up are where a pop up beach tent comes into it’s own! You’ll find many models come with some sort of carrying case, with handles. Also, they fold up to be quite compact and they are made of lightweight materials.

Some of the best ones are just the size of a beach towel before they pop-up! This makes them incredibly carry with all your stuff and a couple of kids running round.

The set up for any size pop up tent is really easy! They just ‘Pop’ right up. The poles are attached to the tent in some form, most of the time inside interior seems. These are light weight and flexible. They simply fold out and up into position for set up, and then fold back in and together to easily put away your tent. It really is that easy!

Other Uses for a Beach Tent

A worry buying this kind of product is that you’ll only get to use it the few times you go to the beach. Well, you’ll be please to know there’s quite a few other uses for pop up beach tents all year-round!

Pop Up Fishing Tent

Are you a fisherman? If so, these are great for the same reasons. They offer shelter from the wind, sun, and rain. They also give you an area to store some of your gear. You can position them close to the water and sit right inside of them and never miss a bite.

Pop Up Hunting Tent

Do you hunt? A small pop up tent can be used as a hunting blind! They are great because not only do they offer shelter and a great hiding spot, they are movable and easy to transport. You can look for different colors and patterns for you hunting needs.

Great For The Park

True, these tents were designed for the beach, but they’re also great for day-trips to the park. Just pop it open on the grass and you have a ready-made shelter from the sun and showers. It’s also handy to keep all the bats, ball, frisbees and park toys all in one place.

A Kids Play Tent

The smaller kinds of pop up beach tents are great for children and pets no matter where you are! They are suitable for picnics, backyards, camping trips, or any sort of outdoor outing or activity. With easy transport and set up, they used for many outdoor occasions and activities!

Pop Up Beach Tent Features

Pop up Beach Tents have several convenient features.  Some of them have canvas floors so that you are not sitting right on the sand or ground. Some do not have the floor.
This is a feature that you would have to think about. Do you want protection form the ground, or is that not important to you?

Most of these types of tents have large front openings in order to enjoy the view. Some include roll up and down door covers. Most of these tents have some sort of interior storage spaces such as pockets. Some have zippered, roll down windows that also convert into an awning floor!

Extra Wide Beach Tent

In my opinion, an extra wide beach tent is the way to go. You’ll find a lot of the models on the market are quite cramped. Whilst they’re o.k if you’re on your own but it you’ve got a couple of kids and all the gear that comes with that, you’ll really appreciate the extra space.

Not only that, you can get two chairs inside at once! This means you can share the shade with your friends and family in comfort.

Take a look at all sizes and options that these great tents offer and choose one that is perfect for you and your family!

How much Does A Pop Up Beach Tent Cost?

These tents are actually quite affordable! I have seen them range from $30.00 to $80.00 for the standard type.

They come in different shapes and sizes. Pick one that is larger enough for your family and will help out with all your outdoor needs!

You can usually find a great deal on Amazon.