eight man pop up tent

Advantages of An Eight Man Pop up Tent

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of owning several eight man pop up tents. I have also owned and used several smaller camping tents and I have come to favor my eight man tent the most!

I will share with you my thoughts on owning a larger pop up tent compared to its smaller counterparts.

Bigger IS Better!

First, for me, I love the surface area and height an eight-man tent offers. Most tents of this size have the measurements and feel of a small room or cabin! Some of the best 8 man tents  also come with a drop down room divider which can transform the area into two separate rooms.

The average measurement for an eight man pop up tent is about fourteen feet by ten feet with a center height of six feet, five inches. With the height being above six feet, the average person has no problem standing up-right inside the tent. This is great for bad backs, gives you more mobility inside the tent, and gives the tent an even bigger feel!

It weighs about 36 pounds when carrying it around in its carrying bag, which is not too bad at all considering how large it is when erected.

Can Set Up Alone!

One great advantage of the pop up tents is the ease of setting it up. I have managed it alone many times and completed the set up pretty quickly.

Also, I get quicker with every set up, which is outstanding! Of course, setting it up with the help of a child or another adult makes it even faster. To be perfectly honest though, it can be erected by one person, with just a little more effort! I really appreciate this advantage of a pop up tent!

It’s Incredibly Easy To Set Up!

Let’s talk about the ease of set up. The set up for an eight man pop up tent may be a little different than the set-up of a smaller sized one. For this size, the poles are permanently attached to the exterior of the tent most of the time.  This makes for easier maneuvering of the tent’s poles in general.

Smaller tents might have permanently attached interior poles which can be harder to reach during the set up process, or the poles might not be adjustable at all. This can cause deformation after time and limit the lifetime of your tent.

Let’s take a look at the set up process. This will really show you why many people love pop up tents!

  • First, lay the duffel bag down close to the set up area. Unzip the bag and pull up on the tent to remove it from the bag. After you have it out the bag, you start by reversing the bend of its corners of the external frame so the poles extend out and down rather than down and up (the way they are stored).
  • Next, extend the four telescoping poles that go from the center of the tent to the four corners until they snap into position at their maximum extension. After you have done that, you extend the vertical poles (I recommend doing the corners first) until they snap lock at their maximum extension.
  • Then, do the same for the side poles, then you are done with the basic set up.
  • Lastly, use the pegs to secure the corners and sides in place. Rope is attached to certain areas of the exterior to use as tie downs also. Using the ropes can help make the tent walls straight and help with making the doorways easier to open and close.

It’s really this easy, and just watch a family set up this tent for the first time….in just one minute!

Tearing down a pop up tent is just as easy – bit in the exact reverse process!

Create a Comfortable Space!

Another advantage of the larger eight-man Pop up Tent is that you can set up the interior of the tent in many different ways! With all the space, you can fashion the inside of your tent in whichever way suits you and your family the best!

If there are only two or three of you, get creative! I’ve seen people place their air mattress in the middle, along one wall of the tent and then create end tables on either side of the bed.

Another idea is that you can you can use the extra space to place a small table and a couple of chairs inside the tent to use for eating or playing cards during a rainy day!

The options of your interior set up are endless when you have so much space! Use your imagination and you can create a really comfortable space for you and your family.

Room With A View!

One more excellent advantage of an eight man tent is all the screened in windows and doors that most of them have!

Pick a great outdoor placement and just think of all the views you can create and enjoy by simply unzipping the windows while spending time inside your tent!

I really love the size and comforts of camping in the eight-man pop up tent. Give one a try and I promise you, you will never go back to one of those smaller, just for sleeping in, tents!