coleman instant 8 person tent

Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent Review

Being the proud owner of a Coleman 8 person instant tent and having used it now during several camping seasons, I feel justified in writing a detailed, helpful review of this style of pop up tent.

I’ve used the tent from the early Spring through the late Fall seasons, experiencing many different kinds of weather patterns. I’ve used it for short term and long term camping excursions!

Also, I’ve had the pleasure of using it alone, in the company of an 11-year-old child, and during a trip with another adult.

I have taken all of these factors into consideration, and compiled a helpful review for you, the potential buyer!

Why I Choose and trust in Coleman Outdoor Gear!

The Coleman Company is an American company that has been around since 1905 when they first engineered an outdoor gas lantern. These lanterns became a very popular source of outdoor lighting all over the world!

Moving onward, they developed a tiny outdoor cooking stove in the 1940’s for soldiers to use during WWII. After the war, they further developed the outdoor stove into a larger, family version and also engineered metal coolers to keep food cold.

Car camping became very popular during this time and the Coleman company flourished. Soon after, tents, sleeping bags, cots, outdoor chairs, backpacks, survival gear, and a lot other outdoor gear has been developed by Coleman. They stand behind their brand and in my experience using Coleman equipment, they make trusted, high quality outdoor gear.

Description Of Coleman’s Instant Tent

The Coleman 8 person instant tent is simply Coleman’s take on the modern Pop up Tent design. It’s a spacious, two room tent designed for quick assembly!

The poles come pre-attached to the fabric, ensuring a quick set up! The material is made from an exclusive “Weather-Tech” system with thick waterproof walls and a welded floor. It has two doors and seven windows for full ventilation and a removable divider used to separate the interior into two rooms!

The tent measures 14′ by 10′ with a center height of 6′ 5″. It weighs about 36 pounds when carrying it around. It comes with a zippered, oblong duffel bag carrying case.

Here is a list of several pros that I have experienced with this Coleman Instant 8 model:

Rain Resistant

During rain storms, the tent did not leak! I have used it many times in the rain, sometimes for days with large downpours. I never had a problem with leakage.

I always place a ground tarp under my tent during set up. The tarp protects the bottom of the tent from mud and any sharp stones or sticks that you might have missed during set up.

Not only will a good tarp keep the material cleaner, it’ll extend the life of your tent overall. Also, the design of the Coleman 8 is such that it is able to give and sway a bit in the wind, and that’s nice!

Should you wish to take out a bit of “Extra Insurance” against the rain, Coleman sell a “Rainfly” (pictured) that has been getting some great reviews.

Extra Windows and Doors

This is truly one of my favorite features of this particular Coleman instant tent. There are two large doors and seven windows!

If you unzip all of these revealing the attached screens, the tent is almost completely opened up to the outside air. This is great for air flow and results in a great outdoor view for both the daytime and night-time.

Extremely Spacious

This instant tent is spacious with standing room.  It is called an eight person tent, but that is in reference to eight people sleeping in sleeping bags, placed right on the floor.

For me, I have used this tent alone along with my two canine companions, with one other person, and with two other people and the dogs!

In all occasions, there was plenty of room for air mattresses, cots, and a sleeping area for the dogs! We also had room to take off our shoes and keep them by the doorway, and still, there was plenty of room to store our gear around the sides!

Overall, you can easily fit inside two full sized air mattresses and still have extra room! I truly love the space that this tent offers!

Incredibly Fast To Set – Up

The Coleman instant tent sets up in literally one minute flat! This is one of its main selling points.

For me, it makes life a heck of a lot easier when I’m with my two dogs. It’s also great with the kids who want to have a lie-down after a long car journey.

Here you can see a family setting up the Coleman Instant 8 for the very first time.


For a fair and consistent review; it’s only right to share what I see as the cons of the Coleman 8 person instant tent.

Opening and closing the doorways.

We wanted to keep the tent zipped closed in order to keep out the mosquitoes, but this proved difficult. Every time we wanted to bring something into or out, it was hard to juggle it while holding onto the bottom of the zipper with one hand and raising the zipper tab with the other!

Quite a pain really, as our daily routine required many entrances and exits! The zipper does take two hands!

If you are someone who is a little less obsessive about keeping it zipped up, the zipper is protected by a nice, heavy flap with a few sturdy patches of Velcro placed along its length. For times of going in and out, the Velcro can be used instead of struggling with the zipper.


The roof of this tent is solid material and not made of mesh or screen like many other types of tents.

The good thing about this is that you do not need to struggle with a rain fly upon set up or tear down! The down side of this is a lack of ventilation that occurs if you need to keep all the doors and windows closed due to rain, wind, or cold.

There is not any ground ventilation that can be found in other tents either. I found that this feature makes things stuffy in the hot summer months when you need to keep the windows closed.

Difficult To Tear Down

Tear down, unfortunately, is not as easy as the set up.

It is done in the exact opposite order that you set it up. The first few experiences of taking down this instant tent, I must admit that I did struggle a bit to get it folded back up correctly and back into the carrying case!

It is much easier to tear it down with one or two other people helping out. Doing it alone took me much longer than I expected and I struggled with the bulk of the work a bit more than when I had the help of others.

Thankfully, the more you do this, the more you learn and remember, and the easier this process becomes each time you do it. With practice, you’ll be able to tear it down alone.

Overall Rating… 4.5 / 5

Overall, I’d give the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent about a four and a half out of five!

I’ve taken off a half-a-point for the lack of ventilation that I experienced when all the windows needed to be zipped up. To me, that is the tent’s biggest downfall.

Ventilation issues aside, it’s very well made and  much easier to set up and tear down than any other 8 person tent I’ve had before. I love the interior size and being able to stand up inside. I also love the view that this tent provides when you are able to have all the windows unzipped and rolled down.

Overall, this is a great family tent and I highly recommend it!

You can also check out this video review to get a better idea of what your getting into (Please excuse the pun!)