pop up canopy tents

Pop Up Canopy Tents & Gazebos

Every time you go to a fair or a flea market, you will see a variety of pop up canopy tents! You will even see them on camping trips.

Canopy tents come in many sizes, shapes, and forms, depending on the activity they were made for. Whether your a booth vendor, food vendor or just having a picnic with your family, there’s a canopy tent for you!

Pop Up Vendor Tents

Vendors of all sorts use pop up canopies. The 10′ by 10ft pop up tents with side walls are very popular for use as a vendor booth and at craft fairs in particular.

These tents are nice looking, easy to care for, and easy to assemble! Most pop up canopy tents only take seconds to ‘Pop up’! This offers vendors more time to place their wares just right and to get ready for business!

It also means you can protect your stock faster in the rain and pack up much quicker too.

Food Stand Canopy Pop up Tents

Pop up canopy tents are are a great choice with food vendors and catering services. Not every food vendor, just starting out, can afford a full-fledged working food truck. A canopy tent makes a cost-effective solution. They are extremely easy to assemble and can offer a lot of space for all your cooking and serving needs.

The E-Z Up Food Booth (pictured) is a great screen tent for food preparation and serving. You can see the walls are half covered which means you can hide the bottom of your tables. A lot of vendor tents don’t take this important feature into consideration!

You can also buy specialist nets that fit over most 10 * 10 canopy tents. The nets are transparent which mean you can still enjoy good interaction with your customers whilst protecting your food from pests.

Camping and Picnic Tents

A pop up canopy makes a great picnic tent. It can also be used as a food serving and communal area for family camping trips too. They set up so easy and are such a convenience to own! It’s also great to give the kids something to do whilst your busy preparing food or setting up camp.

You can find tents that are equipped with screens and some that are open. Some have canvas floors and some do not. It depends on the type of purpose you’re thinking of. The great thing about these tents is their versatility, and you’ll find yourself using them for a variety of different things.

When deciding which camping or picnicking canopy pop up tent is right for you, think of the size of the tent you will need. The standard size fits a picnic table with walking room around it. When camping and picnicking, it is nice to have a shaded area to prepare and eat your food! A pop up canopy also gives you a place to relax and take shelter during a hot, sunny day!

Large Canopy Tents

Are you planning a large outdoor event? There are many larger canopy tents that are suitable for weddings, parties and sports events. They come in many styles and can be custom ordered, or bought as is! Again there are considerations to make!

1. How many people are you planning to seat under the canopy?
2. Will you be cooking inside also?
3. Will you require a buffet, cake, or present table?

Considering these factors will ensure that you find the perfect event tent for your outdoor party occasions!

Pop Up Gazebo Tents

Gazebos are so nice to have in your backyard but can be such a pain to build! They can be costly too, and once placed, extremely hard to move!

If you want a beautiful gazebo, but don’t want all the hassles which come with building one, then consider a pop up gazebo! They are easy to set up and make an appealing addition in any yard. They’re perfect for

Driveway Canopy & Carport Tents

Have you ever driven by a home and noticed a make shift car port?  There are many different kinds of carport tents and driveway canopies. They came in all shapes and sizes.

Things to consider when purchasing a tent for your car are:

1. How many cars or trucks do you plan on positioning under the tent?
2. Where are you planning on placing your car tent? In a driveway or next to the side of your home?
3. Do you have other uses for this, such as using it as a small garage?

Consider these options and then take a look at what is available on today’s market! Yes, some are large enough to be small garages! Some have side walls and even have windows and doors!

As you can see, there’s a pop up canopy tent to go with any outdoor occasion or event. The best things is they’re incredibly easy to set up and versatile.

This means you can enjoy fun times with your family and friends, or work outdoors for longer!